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I have to achieve something different, the man behind the success of Vichar Parikrama would often think.

Launched in April 2008, the Gurgaon-based monthly is the brain-child of 48 year-old Mr. Sharad Goel, the leading-light behind Desh Drishti � the monthly tabloid. Amiable and disarmingly down-to-earth he is a man with a mission. A man who has achieved what he wanted, to publish a magazine with a difference.

And Vichar Parikrama is no doubt a fresh change from the customary journal. It is a magazine marching to the beat of a different drum. It aims to promote a positive social dialogue and encourage active literacy, honest writing, and critical thought

From shifting life values, child labor, social reforms and environment to the sensitive situation in Jammu and Kashmir, communal harmony and recession, our fairly new intelligent magazine, takes up current articles with a positive and healthy attitude.

Each issue deals with a single concern. Current generic problems - political, social and economic - are posed and discussed.  Those who hold different and at times opposing viewpoints also express their thoughts. And all write-ups are from people specializing in the subject the magazine is talking about.

There is an editorial, but we pass no judgment. There is no final answer provided to the questions raised, but Vichar Parikrama encourages its readers to find their own answers and judge the facts for themselves and send in their comments.

This monthly edition, promises to make a major splash in the fledgling media market. And what is extraordinary about it is that each issue has thoughts, beliefs and values of esteemed people, specialists in the field the issue is dedicated to.
And, judging by the generally high quality of the articles that they contribute to the magazine, they seem to be doing a great job.

This dedicated local magazine provides an effective vehicle for communicating with local people. It is the much-needed medium for sending a message to residents who are interested to read what the intelligentsia has to say.

It is an activist showing us things as they are. It is an exponent of promoting positive change that mixes social critique with humor, artistic panache and business savvy. It takes a fresh approach to getting people�s attention and getting issues on the political and social agenda. Instead of wagging a finger, it appeals to your curiosity, your imagination, and stirs your soul, with the hope of pricking our consciences in the process.