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Mr. Sharad Goel

A longtime social worker with a commerce degree, experience and vision led him in 2008 to launch an idea-sharing platform in the form of Vichar Parikrama that offers views, data, and counseling, on current prevalent issues.

Like his father, Mr. Mool Chand Goel, over the past 25 years, he has been an advocate for social issues, by contributing to local, state, and national professional organizations and boards. He is also actively associated with several social and educational institutes.

He is the member and chair of Lokniti – an organization dealing with legal dynamics of social justice.

Mr. Goel is also the founder of Nature International, an NGO promoting a sense of awareness towards our natural heritage. Through the means of this organization Mr. Goel has started various programs to educate vehicle drivers about timely PUC checking. Every year the organization holds information seminars for children to spread knowledge regarding pollution from crackers during Diwali. Another regular activity of this organization is the planting of tree where in children in schools are encouraged to plant more trees. The organization itself has planted innumerable trees all around Delhi and Gurgaon.

He has left no stone unturned in campaigning for raising awareness in the common man about the importance of standards of social work competency, and arguing for the need for strong regulatory systems.

A successful businessman, he is a part of the Campaign for Childrens Health Care, which aims to boost public awareness regarding safety and importance of administering polio vaccines.